“Sisterly Love” Mini-Album

Accordion folding minis have become my favorite mini-album format. It can be surprisingly quick and easy to put one of these albums together. I start by choosing the theme, in this case, a gift for my sister of childhood photos. Then, I choose some photos accordingly and batch edit them to be coherent. Not only do I love black and white photos, but it’s easier to decorate black and whites, and in this albums, it adds to the “past memories” style.

I then print them all and lay them out in an order that makes sense. Then  the best part- decorating! I chose to keep this one to a simple, feminine palette and add touches like flowers, hearts, and lots of sewn on details!

Finally, I added a pretty gold frame to the front and some ribbon to tie it all together.

I know you have something to add- speak up!

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