Welcome to the creative portfolio website of art teacher and adventurer, Jennilyn Nevins.

In my element, enjoying the process of creating

I’m a full time corporate attorney and mom to two young boys, but I still make time in my busy schedule for art. Why?

I believe that art can inspire, heal and help us create beauty in our lives that would not otherwise be there if we didn’t take the time to put brush to paper. I believe it can do that for you too.

I’m not only talking about art that is professional and praise-worthy. All art, the stuff that you made in just a few minutes, the pieces that you create to send to your friend or tuck in your kids lunchbox to find, all of it! Once you start painting, you will find that the act of painting can be freeing, that the process is as valuable to your life as the pretty paint-filled paper that results.

My mission is to help would-be creatives find their inner artists. Maybe you just admiringly scroll through all the art Inspo on Instagram or love walking through craft stores and get excited about buying new supplies. Perhaps you’ve tried a few online tutorials or even signed up for a workshop or bought an art book. But you stare at the dread blank white sheet of paper. You avoid sitting down for fear of failure. You put it off and eventually

Recent Works

I am taking on new projects. If you have any nature photography projects or want to say hi, please get in touch.

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