Is There Such a Thing as a Perfect Planner?

In short- no. But this little beauty by Whitney English comes pretty darn close, for me at least. Of course, unless you are fortunate enough to create your own planner to function in just the way you work through your tasks, chart your time, and also find aesthetically pleasing, you have to go on the hunt for the planner that meets as many of your needs as possible.


Most of my family and friends are probably surprised that I am even going back to a phsyical planner. Yes, I am still in love with my Apple products. No, this won’t replace my calendar on my phone. I am equally in love with the gratifying feeling of checking off a to-do list item- and clicking in on the “Reminders” app is just not the same people!

As per my usual OCD nature, I spent hours on end scouring the internet for different planners, in search of the perfect mix of:

Space- I like to write, a lot. Or at the very least I like to have the option.
Calendar Type- DAILY. For some people this might just be too much, but I like the idea of “starting fresh” each day with a new sheet of paper and not being visually cluttered by the previous day’s events/tasks.
Pretty!- What’s the point of buying a planner that isn’t pretty? It’s essentially an accessory you carry with you everyday.
Extras- I’m a sucker for special areas on a planner page- Daily budget? Long term goals? exercise? I appreciate that my planner cares about me enough to remind me about things I would otherwise put off.
Ring or Spiral- I am up in the air about this. In the end, I choose a spiral because I liked the heavy-duty covers. The ring of course is much more convenient. (More on how I have tried to customize my spiral planner soon).

Once I began my search, I realized that a good planner is in high demand! Many sell out quickly. It took me about 5 weeks to wait for Whitney English to have another round of planners available on her Etsy site. At that point (early August) there was no hope of getting one for 2014, so I just went to Office Depot and got a standard “At A Glance” Weekly planner to get me through the rest of this year.

Although I haven’t been able to use this planner yet, I have high hopes- I will share an update in January. In the meantime, I’ll share my current planner system and what’s working, what’s not. I am basically using it as a trial run to know exactly how I want to use my Day Designer!

I know you have something to add- speak up!

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