Workspace Wednesday: Project Life

It has taken me a long time, and several different setups to find a good workflow for my weekly Project Life (“PL”). The two keys to making my PL sustainable has been find a good photo workflow (to be discussed soon) and having a dedicated space in my craft room.

I originally had it set up on my desk:


Although it was easy to work on, the 12×12 album is so large that it took up about half of my “L-Shaped” desk. This made it difficult to work on other projects. I decided that I would need to find a separate space for PL and ended up  using the top of an Alex drawer unit0- it was perfect. First, it’s wide enough to fit the album and my two PL card organizers. Secondly, since the unit is on wheels, I can bring it right up to my desk when I want to work on PL, otherwise, it’s out of the way. This method has cleared up SO MUCH space on my working desk and also the space where I keep many of my supplies- the cards and album are together and it makes so much more sense.


The organizers that I bought a few months ago are PERFECT. They hold all of my cards- both Becky Higgins sets and random accumulated cards through my Studio Calico kits. I try to keep them as organized as possible using dividers.

Page-04 Page-03 Page-05

Here’s a quick little video to show you a super quick tour of the space:

I know you have something to add- speak up!

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