My Current Planner Set-Up (with Video)

Most of my family and friends are probably surprised that I am even going back to a physical planner. Yes, I am still in love with my Apple products. No, this won’t replace my calendar on my phone. However, as much as I love my tech products, I am equally in love with the gratifying feeling of checking off a to-do list item- and clicking in on the “Reminders” app is just not the same people!

While I’m waiting for my new 2015 planner to arrive (I will share that with you soon!), I bought and have started using a cheap, office supply store weekly planner, the “At-A-Glance.” I’m basically using it to decide exactly how I want to set-up my 2015 planner- so I’m trying a lot of new things with it. Check out my setup in the video below.

In the next couple weeks, I’ll share with you how I create the “clip-in” for the spiral bound system. Also I”ll give you a peek in my pencil case with the pens, washi and other supplies I take with me to use in my planner. Eventually I’ll also share my work planner setup- a semi-“bullet journal” setup.

*** The timing of this post is so perfect, since Studio Calico just announced the new “Agenda” class! Can’t wait to get some more ideas when that class starts and to use the agenda specific stamp set!

One response to “My Current Planner Set-Up (with Video)”

  1. I like a physical planner too!


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