Why Paper? That One’s Easy…. (Well, Kinda)

Ohhhhh, paper. From my first foray into kindergardten construction paper projects to that period of obsessively coveting all things “Lisa Frank,” I have loved paper and paper products all my life. I love the versatility, the possibility, the endless forms that paper can take.

You may ask, “But Jennilyn, do you not also have a love of photography? of crocheting? of cooking? How can you constrain your creative self to paper?!” Yes, of course, I do have many (MANY) other interests. I will share a lot of them with you here. However, I think you will find, as I myself have discovered over the years, that my first and deepest love is for paper and most of my projects reflect this.

I love card making, scrapbooking, Project Life-ing, quilling, collaging, paper-cutting. I love all kinds of paper- stationary, cardstock, watercolor, matte, pearlized, glittered, embossed… paper I don’t even know about yet and have yet to discover!

I was the weird kid that surrounded herself with stacks of books and loved to make origami creatures. I was more recently the weird law school student that stared dreamily at 500+ legal texts and pondered the amazing scrap-ortunities (more on that later).

This manifesto is all well and good, but proclaiming my love of paper is just the first step! In the coming weeks, month, (years!?) I hope to use this site as a type of love-letter to my paper obsession. I will share with you products I find, projects I create, and ideas for you to try your hand at as well. Whether we share this love of paper with one another, or you’re not quite a paper lover (yet!), thanks for joining me on this journey.



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